An intuitive, secure, and cost-effective investor management system.

Sharehub platform is an all-in-one solution for investor management and promotes ongoing information sharing between companies and their investors.

At Sharehub, we wanted to find a way to combine advanced, cutting-edge technology with financial services. Looking to provide user-centric solutions that make a real positive difference to both our companies and investors, we make investor management and communication seamless, transparent, and cost-efficient.

Whether you are a company looking to better organise and manage your investors, market your business to new interested parties, or an investor looking to oversee your investment portfolio from one easy-to-use database, Sharehub is the platform for you.

Above all else, we are driven to help businesses and investors become even more successful. That is why Sharehub platform brings simplicity, visibility, and security to all aspects of investment management.

A one-stop solution for companies


Sharehub platform enables companies to easily manage and organise their equity. 

We provide a range of investor management services to keep companies efficient and future investors well informed. We bring transparency and clarity, making it simple for companies to connect with their investors in one simple solution.

By taking care of all the investor administration, we free up time for entrepreneurs and business owners to focus on running their business. Sharehub takes care of all the legwork, meaning you can rest confident in the knowledge that your records are kept secure, accurate, and compliant. 

We also enable our companies to share their news and updates to our extensive network of investors, putting them in front of the right audience to grow and evolve their business even further.

Keeping investors in the know

We wanted to provide investors with the information, oversight, and transparency they need to make the most informed decisions and stay confident in their investments.

Rather than having to reach out to companies directly, we created one simple, intuitive interface where investors can access all the relevant information on their holdings, companies, and future investment opportunities.

By making company news and updates readily available, investors stay more informed on their investments and can communicate with companies or other investors directly through the platform to promote transparency and real-time communication. Sharehub also allows investors to buy or sell their investments to other users, broadening the horizons of both investors and companies.