Investor management made simple

Sharehub platform takes care of all investor-related administration and marketing, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: running your business.

At Sharehub, we take the hassle out of managing your company’s investors. Our straightforward and easy-to-use investor management system carries out all the tedious administrative tasks that normally hold up your daily operations. 

Saving you time

We developed Sharehub to save you time. As with any investment, investors expect ongoing transparency and updates about the business. For your organisation, this might mean endless emails and phone calls inquiring about share values and prices. All of which take away time you could be spending on directly improving your business.

Instead, we have created a platform that keeps all your investors informed and updated in real-time. Simply upload your company information to the site and release all relevant information from one database. With the click of a button, important news and updates are pushed out to your entire investor register, with the option to also be shared with our extensive investor network. 

Every investor has a personal login to see an overview of their portfolio, receive news and updates from the companies they are invested in, and talk with other investors. They become more informed, all with minimal effort on your behalf. It has truly never been easier.

Market your business

Not only does Sharehub take care of your existing investors, but we also make it effortless to attract new ones, putting your business in front of its ideal audience. 

We have an extensive and ever-growing network of investors for your company to draw from. Rather than charging for influences or marketing on generic channels, we push your news and updates to a pool of active investors who are already interested and looking for investments.

Unlimited visibility to our network ensures your business can continue to grow and evolve, attracting new investment. Secondary market sharing also means they can buy and sell their investments with other users on the platform.

Registrar services

Sharehub platform takes control of your company’s register. Each investor is assigned a personal login to view their holdings and access relevant company information and pages. We can act as nominee, saving you time and freeing you of the admin-heavy responsibilities.

Companies House reporting

We can offer you a service to report your member’s statements to Companies House directly on your behalf. We can also report director appointments and resignations, giving you one less thing to worry about.

One-touch sharing

Your investors want to be kept in the loop and Sharehub makes this simple. Our news service allows you to share important news and updates with all your investors at the click of a button. All you have to do is type your updates and press send; there is no need for disorganised mailing lists. You can also share your news with the thousands of other investors on our site, spreading the word about your company.

Coming Soon: Secondary market trading

Sharehub will be making it possible for investors who are bought into your company to trade their investments with other members of the platform. This will be completed through either an indication of interest basis or a bid and offer system on the pricing part of the company page. There will be liquidity providers plugged into the site that suggest the prices of larger positions that may become available.

Corporate services

All users can make the most of discounted rates on the essential services provided through our partner companies. These include services relating to accounting, call answering services, virtual assistants, and administrative services.

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