News updates of company : The Right Crowd Limited

  • Future Fund- The Right Crowd Update
    11/09/2020 08:22

    The Right Crowd has been accepted by the UK Governments Future Fund to receive matched funding for any funds raised before the end of September this year.
    We have updated our website and there is a link in the middle of the page if you would like to learn more about this funding solution and become involved.

    Since COVID has started we had a dip the first 6 weeks but are now at our highest revenue levels ever and it is growing daily.
    The ShareHub is going through a revamp and next week we will be expanding its offerings considerably and very shortly launching the Secondary Market for private companies Equity and Bonds.

    With the funds raised from the Future Fund we will be completing our deal with an FCA Authorised ISA Manager and Launching The Right ISA- The 1st FREE ISA for investors

    To be able to do this we need to raise a minimum value so please come and join us in expanding this company and helping us build yet more shareholder value by adding to your investment today.


  • Important Update Coming Soon
    15/07/2020 12:38

    We are looking forward to sharing our trading update with you shortly. Make sure you have completed your registration on the site to be able to access the news as it happens.

    The Right Crowd is also expecting to announce a major partnership this month with another FCA Regulated firm that will further cement our position as the number one platform for shareholder management and company services for Private companies and bonds.